Drug Tests

We supply many different types of drug tests.  Here is what we have available:

5-in-1 Urine Tests – These are the most popular.  They standardly test for Marijuana, Heroin,Cocaine,Meth-Amphetamines and Amphetamines.  Additionally, any of the following can be swapped for Barbiturates or Methaqualone.  We buy them directly from the factory that supplies a pharmacy chain so get them at a better price than they can be purchased at a retailer.

Single Strip Urine Tests – These test for any one of the above drugs.  They are what are inside the above cassette.  This is the most cost effective method if one is testing for just one or 2 drugs.


Disposable Breathalysers – These are single use tests.  They are for convenience and ease of use.

Digital Breathalyser – These are more expensive initially but work out cheaper than single use breathalysers.  One can get over 200 tests out of this unit.