We prefer to talk to youth personally but that is not always possible and some schools prefer to do drug education themselves.  To assist them, we have the following DVD’s for sale:

The Truth About Drugs REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES Produced by “The Foundation for a drug-free World”.  This 1 hour 42 minute DVD covers all commonly abused drugs in separate sections; alcohol, dagga, crystal meth (Tik), cocaine, crack, heroin, inhalants and prescription drugs (which is a growing problem worldwide).

The devastating effects of these drugs are made real by interviews with ex-addicts who share how easy it was to get into it and how it ruined their lives.  This DVD was made to reach the youth where they are at and to help them overcome the pressure they are subjected to.  Additionally, there are lesson plans for each of the drugs so it can be used as a class tool with activities the students can do to gain complete understanding of why drugs are not the way to go.  For more information: www.drugfreeworld.org

                                                                                                                                                                     Cost R280

The WAY TO HAPPINESS IN A CHAOTIC WORLD of plummeting moral standards The Way to Happiness reaches out to millions of people across 130 nations with a message of integrity, morality and trust.

Now The Way to Happiness has been produced as a powerful feature-length film. And with that adaptation comes a cinematic experience unlike any you have ever seen. For here, running parallel with the full text narration of the book, you will find a series of interwoven stories, each featuring different individuals caught up in the drive and drama of living. You’ll follow their losses, wrong turns, dilemmas, trauma and triumphs-until each person finally arrives onto the way to happiness.

Here is a film about life, finding one’s way and the persistence of the human spirit.

And in the end, you experience a riveting visual presentation of The Way to Happiness’s universal and timeless message-at once compelling and inspiring. A message you can now pass on to others and so enhance their survival and future as well.  Running time:  120 minutes

                                                                                                                                                                 Price:  R280

THE MARKETING OF MADNESS –  Are we all insane?

This DVD delves into the history of the pharmaceutical industry’s creation of  new ‘mental illnesses’ so that more people can be diagnosed, labelled and treated with psychiatric drugs.  From its promotion of heroin to ‘cure’ opium addiction and later morphine for heroin addiction to the most recent wrong turns in the name of profit, this DVD strips the lies that we have been told.  Running time:  180 minutes

This DVD can also be viewed for free at:  www.cchr.org

                                                                                                                                                                 Price:  R280

The Story of Human Rights –  In 1948 the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” was signed.  Its purpose is ensure that basic human rights are preserved.  However, daily all over the world these are violated.  To correct this begins with knowing what our rights are and how we can bring about a world based on respect for the individual.

This DVD starts with the story of how human rights camE about and includes a visual depiction of each right as were seen on E-TV recently                                                                                                                                        


                                                                                                                                                                 Price:  R280