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10 THINGS YOUR FRIENDS MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT DRUGS – This is the booklet we like each attendee of our program to receive.  It covers the effects of drugs from a unique angle and unearths some lesser known facts about how drugs can affect one emotionally, mentally and physically.  It is mostly pictures and done in such a way that it’s appropriate for students as well as adults.  Hardcopies are also available.



10 THINGS PARENTS MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT MARIJUANA – Being a parent these days is challenging.  Especially with the widely held belief that Marijuana is harmless.  Some even go further and say it is ‘good for you’.  While the plant undoubtedly has uses and even medical benefits, it is not without side effects and depending on the person these can be serious.  Factor in the fact that the marijuana today is stronger than a generation ago, so it’s effect are worse.



The Truth About Becoming Addicted – You might have heard that addiction is hereditary or a ‘chemical imbalance’ or many other theories.  The Narconon Drug Rehabilitation program has up to a 75% success rate.  This is very high, so they must be doing something right.  What is their philosophy?  In this booklet you’ll see the mechanics of how a person gets into the condition where they can’t stop taking drugs and then what needs to be done to untangle it.  It is more down to earth and obvious than you probably ever have guessed.  This is well worth a read.



What You Can Do About Marijuana Abuse – If you know someone who needs help, here are somevaluable pointers and insight.




14 Rules You Must Never Break When Dealing With Addiction – The Narconon Drug Rehabilitation program started in 1967.  There have been well over 100 centres around the world during this time.  Here are some valuable information from all that experience.



The Life Cycle and Mechanics of Addiction – This publication was written by the Executive Director of Narconon’s largest Rehabilitation centre – Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma.  He has decades of experience on helping addicts, so again, valuable information.


Family Help Guide – Rescuing a Loved One From Substance Abuse and Addiction –
Again,some valuable advice from many years of experience.



Healing Addicted Lives – This publication was also written by Gary Smith, the Executive Director of Narconon Arrowhead.



Keeping Your Teen Alcohol and Drug-Free This Summer – this publication was made to give parents tips on what they can do with their teens during the long summer holidays to keep them drug-free.



Drugs – What You Need to Know – Here is information about the most commonly abused drugs including synthetic marijuana and prescription medication which has become a serious problem in the USA.


Preventing Drug Use – A Research Based Guide – This is not a Narconon Publication.  It is been found to be what is known as ‘best practice’.  For anyone wanting to know more about prevention from studies that have been done, this is invaluable.