Peer Leader Training

After we have completed our standard program which includes the talk “The Truth about Drugs” and then showing the DVD “The Way To Happiness” and discussing choices that make life better, we invite those who want to learn how to make a more significant difference, to a workshop called “Peer Leader Training”.

In this workshop we teach them techniques designed to uplift others.  They practice these on each other and then go home and apply what they’ve learnt to friends and family.  The techniques they learn are called “assists” and are simple to learn and do.  Here is more information about each and the results they get:

Locational Assist

This technique simply involves extroverting a person’s attention onto the environment and off themselves and their problems.

Some examples of results they get on friends and family:

Nerve Assist

This assist is designed to relieve backache and helps reduce stress.  It is also very simple to do.  It involves brushing the nerve channels in the back to “comb” out stress.

Havingness Assist

This technique increases one’s connection to and participation in the environment.  The best way to explain it is to show what the results can be: